Holocaust memorial service 2019

The ceremony began in the Occupation Tapestry Gallery at the Jersey Maritime Museum.

Proceedings will then moved outside to the Lighthouse Memorial, where wreaths will be laid by the Lieutenant Governor, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, on behalf of the Crown, Deputy Bailiff Tim Le Cocq, on behalf of the people of Jersey, and Chief Minister Ian Gorst, on behalf of the States, members of the St Helier Bad Wurzach Partnerschaft were in attendance and laid this wreath.

Local History Fair 2019

On Saturday 26th January, the Partnerschaft attended the local history fair at the Jersey Library.

We were kept busy with many questions from visitors wishing to learn more about the internment events, a number of visitors raised questions with regards relatives that had been at Bad Wurzach, giving them details and the POW numbers for their research.

We met with some interesting individuals who had interesting stories to tell.

Many thanks to Clive, Lola, Sarah, Sandra and Lillian for helping making our attendance at this even a success.

Remembrance Service Howard Davis Park

On Sunday 11th November the Partnerschaft held a remembrance service for those Islanders who were deported.

The service was conducted Father Nick Barry, with the names of those who did not return, family and freinds who are no longer with us being remembered.

We adjourned for an afternoon tea at the Merton Hotel, the event was well attended.


Fairwell Diner for Mayor Roland Bürkle

On the evening of 8th May, Invited members of the committee and guest of the Bailiff, attended a diner for the departing Mayor of Bad Wurzach, Mayor Roland Bürkle was awarded the Bailiffs Silver Seal in recognition for all the work he has done over the years with the Partnerschaft.

The Partnerschaft presented the Major with a leaving gift.

73rd Liberation anniversary at the War Tunnels.

This years Liberation memorial service and afternoon teas was again held at the War Tunnels attended by the Bailiff and his wife. The Memorial Service, was held once again on the terrace of the tea room so shelter could be had if needed, a special thanks must go to Francelise Davidson who stood in at the last minute to give an excellent service, The Youth Theater, for providing the readings, and thanks to Lola for reading and extract from the Liberation, After the laying of roses we adjourned to the Café for tea, once again under the management of Darren of Mange Tout we had a far better service provided all teas and coffees provided quickly, and the cost was very reasonable.

New Book: Schloss Wurzach: A Jersey Child Interned by Hitler

Schloss Wurzach: A Jersey Child Interned by Hitler – Gloria’s Story, this new book was written by Susan Symons, whilst doing research for her other projects met Gloria Bullen, née Webber, who at the age of 10 was interned in Bad Wurzach with her parents and siblings, fascinated by the story Susan wrote this book. It is an interesting view of being interned through the eyes of a 10 year old girl.

Further details follow link Publications