Sunday 7th October 2012

Unveiling of Plaque in the town of Bad Wurzach

Bad Wurzach
Roland Burkle Introdution
Picture: TONY PIKE 06/10/2012


On Sunday a plaque was unveiled in the town of Bad Wurzach, the ceremony was carried out by Erich Lacher of Bad Wurzach, a copy of his speech is below.

Bad Wurzach
Picture: TONY PIKE 06/10/2012

Anniversary 10 years St. Helier Bad Wurzach
Speech to the disclosure of the plaque

Dear friends from Jersey,
Dear fellow citizens of Bad Wurzach,
Dear members of the partnership association!

Looking back at the unfortunate beginning of the first contacts and the gratitude for the conciliation, if today’s anniversary plaque is revealed, allow me to consider a few thoughts for a successful future.

Together we have been able to make an important contribution to the peace between the Bad Wurzachern and the citizens of the island of Jersey with the personal encounters.
Now we want to continue our work of peace and this requires further our common effort and creativity.

– It is the history as well as the emergence of partnership and friendship in consciousness to preserve and pass on to our younger generation.

– It is still important to listen to each other well, even in the event of problems that may arise in the personal sphere as well as in politics and business.

How can this succeed?
I invite you all to participate in the events and activities of the Partnership Association:
– participate in the meetings, be it during a visit to the twinned city or as a host,

– to participate in group encounters of a cultural and sporting nature and this in the context of the whole large community,

– Participation in the committees and the board of the partnership association, which supports the activities with impulses.

As part of a European youth meeting of the partner cities Bad Wurzach St. Helier, Luxeuil, Wallingford and Popielow, we want to try a musical event in the coming or next year titled  Europe-Jugend musiziert to organize.

Personally, may I tell you
that my involvement in partnership activities has been a great enrichment to my knowledge as well as an enrichment of human encounters for me that I do not want to miss and that I also wish you.

The now to be performed the bronze plaque with the inscription
Twin Town, Partnership St Helier / Jersey and Bad Wurzach since 2002
is for us a sign of thanks and remembrance and also an admonishing commitment, not least in view of growing together in a peaceful Europe.

Erich Lacher, 1st Chairman, Partnership Bad Wurzach e.V.

Bad Wurzach, 07.10.2012

2012 - Unavailing new Plaque at the Schloss Bad Wurzach