FOR THE YEAR 2017/18


Chairman Clive Armstrong

We have had a very busy and successful year as a committee, we have ups and downs. Especially with the loss of some dear friends.

I will summaries’ our events over the past twelve months.

Field Of Remembrance. At the end of October, we attended the service and commencement of the annual Field of Remembrance, this is the fifth year that the Partnerschaft has been present.

Remembrance Services. Both our remembrance services were again well attended, our event in the afternoon conducted Father Nick Barry was well attended a dry afternoon for once, the tea afterwards was held at the Merton hotel, they provided an excellent tea, which was ready for all of us as soon as we arrived, they also provided a free carpark for us, so we could attend the service and have the tea without the worry of parking. We had excellent feedback from this event.

November Get together. At the end of November our annual get together at the town hall was once again was successful whilst the numbers were down slightly on the previous year we had excellent entertainment, by the two primary schools singing carols, we had a raffle in a new format. We had very positive feedback from this.

Family History Fayre.  In January is year we attended for the second time the Family History Fayre, held at the Jersey Library, The event was attended by Marlene and Eberhard on Friday and Clive, Sandra, Lillian and Sarah, This event was a great success with great interest show from the general public with many interesting questions and comments.

73rd Liberation anniversary at the War Tunnels. This years Liberation memorial service and afternoon teas was again held at the War Tunnels attended by the Bailiff and his wife. The Memorial Service, was held once again on the terrace of the tea room so shelter could be had if needed, a special thanks must go to Francelise Davidson who stood in at the last minute to give an excellent service, The Youth Theater, for providing the readings, and thanks to Lola for reading and extract from the Liberation, After the laying of roses we adjourned to the Café for tea, once again under the management of Darren of Mange Tout we had a far better service provided all teas and coffees provided quickly, and the cost was very reasonable.

Dinner at the old Library, In May we attended a Bailiff’s reception for the retiring Mayor Burkle, at the old Library, following an excellent meal the Bailiff awarded Mayor Burkle a rare Bailiffs medal only ever awarded in exceptional circumstances. The Partnershaft made their own presentation to the Mayor we thank Colin Letto for providing such a great gift to add to Roland’s collection.

Former Internees, Sadly, I will mention the sad deaths of some former internees, In February internee 214 Michael Ginns who did so much for the formation of the Partnershaft and as a committee member. Internee 487 Phyliss Rydon who died in April after a short illness, Internee 669 Valentine plain who I am to understand recently died in Australia, I am sorry if I have not mentioned any others I am not aware of.