FOR THE YEAR 2014/15


Chairman Clive Armstrong

We have had a very busy and successful year as a committee, especially in the last few weeks.

Municipal Diner. Held in last July this event for those who attended were treated to an excellent dinner, On our table we were joined by Miss Helier , also present at the event were the three Mayors of each of the twinned towns.

Field Of Remembrance. At the end of October, we attended the service and commencement of the annual Field of Remembrance, this is the third year that the Partnerschaft has been present.

Remembrance Services. Both our remembrance services were once again a huge success, the event in the afternoon was well attended a dry afternoon for once, followed by an excellent tea at the Omeroo Hotel.

November Get together. At the end of November our annual get together at the town hall was once again a huge success about 70 people were in attendance. A short talk with images was given by Angela who had recently attended an event in Bad Wurzach.

70th Liberation anniversary in Bad Wurzach. Our visit this year was a huge success with 80 visitors in attendance including thirteen former internees. A slight delay in the start but once there we were treated many events provided by our hosts, the new hotel we used was excellent and the staff coped well considering we were there first guests. The Mayor as a collector was extremely pleased with the engraved pen holder and pen provided with the help of Colin Letto. I am sure the whole event will be talked about for a long time to come.

Website and Facebook page: Both of these are continuing to be developed whenever I get a chance I am adding more information. During our visit to Bad Wurzach I kept the facebook page updated daily.

Looking forward to the coming year We have one candidate wishing to apply for a travel bursary to Bad Wurzach to work in July. In November at our get together we will show movies and photos taken during our recent visit.


I hope that the offers of assistance for different events to be managed by individual committee members will continue.

Grateful thanks are due to Angela for organizing our trip to Bad Wurzach the hours of work finally paid off.

I would like to thank all of the committee for their time and support

My apologies to anyone whom I have neglected to mention but thank you.