Holocaust Memorial Day
Saturday 27th January 2024

Members of the St Helier / Bad Wurzach Partnerschaft were among many organisations and groups who gathered at the Lighthouse Memorial outside the Occupation Tapestry Gallery to remember those who were deported to Germany and who did not return.
Earlier a short ceremony was held inside the Occupation Gallery to hear Smajo Beso – a survivor of the Bosnian Genocide – speak about his family’s experiences in Bosnia and his subsequent life as a refugee in England. His mother encouraged him never to feel bitterness and hatred but to ensure his family’s story should be told “If we wish to make peace between people we should first make peace with the personal traumas we have … all people should be able to tell their stories” After readings given by members of the Arts Centre Youth Theatre, the Rev Mike Keirle, Dean of Jersey lit a candle and conclude by saying “Friends, we have to learn from this if we are going to have a better future, and that learning must begin with every single one of us.”
Wreaths were then laid on behalf of the Island, the Crown and the Parish , followed by the laying of many tributes. Lola Garvin laid a wreath on behalf of those Islanders, deprted to Bad Wurzach in 1942 who did not return to Jersey.