The Partnerschaft recently hosted a visit of a Brass Band from Bad Wurzach who were here  to participate in both the afternoon and evening events of the Battle of Flowers. They are a talented and enthusiastic group who seemed to enjoy marching and playing in  both events despite  the very heavy rain on Friday. It did not seem to dampen their spirits or their playing and the crowds who saw them were very appreciative.

They arrived on the Wednesday evening to be met by members of the Partnerschaft and other friends who accompanied them to the Hostel at Haut de la Garenne where they stayed for their visit.  The hostel was ideal for them, being close to Gorey and they enjoyed spending their free time there. On the Thursday members of the Partnerschaft me them for a visit to some of the places of interest on the Eastern side of the Island. They particularly liked St Catherine’s Breakwater and swimming and sunbathing at Rozel , where they spent most of the day before enjoying an evening Barbecue at Gorey. On Friday they entertained visitors and locals outside the Parish Hall busking at St Aubins, where friends and members joined them for a sandwich lunch. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal for marching in the Parade later on. On the Saturday they were invited to play at the VinD’Honneur at the Town Hall before busking outside Marks and Spencers in King St. Their skill and enthusiasm was very infectious and everyone who heard them were very appreciative and generous – the group raised a tidy sum to help cover their expenses. Luckily the Moonlight Parade was dry!

The partnerschaft members and friends met up with them again on the Sunday for a tour of the West coast stopping at Corbiere and walking out on the causeway to the Lighthouse. The visit ended with a most enjoyable lunch at Jersey Pearl  who catered for us admirably.

We are very grateful to the Parish of St Martin who supported the visit, the Parish of St Brelade who made the Parish Hall available for us to use for lunch on Friday and the Parish of St Helier for inviting the Band to the Vin D’Honneur. We are also very grateful to Andrew Thomson who was instrumental in organising their visit.