Who was deported ?


Following the Order in the Jersey Evening post on the Tuesday 15, September, 1942. ( See Why?) Der Feldkommandant, Oberst Knackfuss demanded that at least 1,200 Jersey residents should be deported the following day Wednesday 16, September 1942. This was impossible.

Thursday 17 September 1942 The SS La France sailed for St Malo, France with 280 Jersey residents on board.

Friday 18 September 1942 a further 346 Jersey residents were deported,

Tuesday 29 September 1942, a third group of 560 Jersey residents were deported.

In total, some 2,011 people were deported from Jersey and Guernsey.

Those Deported were

Persons who have their permanent residence not on the Channel Islands, for instance those who have been caught here by the outbreak of the war.

All those men not born on the Channel Islands and 16 to 70 years of age who belong to the English people, together with their families.