2015 Celebrating 70 Years of the liberation of Internees

St. Helier and Bad Wurzach



9.15: Meet in departure hall at Jersey Airport. Please present your passport to check in desk (Red Cross members will be ready to assist) and then please wait to meet up with all members of the group.
11am: Dep. Jersey Airport – ETA Friedrichshafen at 13.55. Coach to Bad Wurzach arriving at approx. 15.00. On arrival at the Adler Hotel guests will then be conveyed to their appropriate hotels.

Our journey started with such promise, a smooth check in a get together over refreshments in the departure lounge. The Jet arrived on time we boarded and waited for our journey to start. The pilot spoke to us and explained that we were stuck the push back equipment would not work with this type of aircraft. A number of ideas were tried including trying to man handle the jet backwards. After a 2 hour delay were finally were on our way, we were met by a welcoming committee in Friedrichshafen waving Jersey flags. We boarded our coach for a short trip to our final destination Bad Wurzach.

2015 - Outward Journey

2015 - Hotel Truschwende

HOTEL TRUSCHWENDE, the wonderful new hotel above was not due to open for two weeks, the owners specially opened for some of us to stay, their first ever guests. 


19.00: Evening meal with our German hosts at the KURHAUS.


10.30: Concert in front of the Kurhaus

2015 Concert in front of Kurhaus

Lunch – wherever you wish.

16.00: Service of Commemoration at the Gotesberg church followed by laying of wreaths and flowers on the graves. Transport to church. Short service to be conducted by Father David Jones.

2015 Commemoration Service

Dinner 17.30 at the Adler

19.30: The BW twinning committee invite you to the Kursaal for an evening with Peter Schad and the Oberschwaebischen Village Musicians!!

2015 Truschwende Chartreuse evening

The builders of the new Hotel TRUSCHWENDE treated us to a late evening of chartreuse, a party went on until the early hours of the morning.

Monday 27th April:

Morning free – do remember that the shops do not take credit cards (except Euroscheque) but the cash machine is right next to the main shop, Binder!)
13.00: If weather fine, trip to Lindau: a delightful Bavarian island, close to Austria and Switzerland. Time to wander, enjoy lunch or do some shopping.

2015 Visit to Lindau

2015 Ice cream and drinks at Lindau

Wonderful Ice cream and drinks at Lindau, The adults  did not read the menu which stated Alkoholfrei, but they enjoyed them anyway.

19.00: The BW twinning committee invite you to an evening in the Pius-Scheel-House where accordionist Rosi Groesser will entertain us! Expect some yodelling


Morning free

14.30: Visit to the Schloss (lift at rear of building)

16.00: Unveiling of a wooden sculpture by R. Koenig in the garden of the Schloss. This will be followed by a champagne reception in the Salvator college to the rear of the Schloss.


Former internees, and Sculptor Robert Koenig (kneeling), standing in front of the newly unveiled Sculpture, called the uprooted.



19.30: The town of BW invite you to an official dinner in the Pater-Jordan-Hall (this is situated on the first floor of the Schloss).

There were a number of speaches, a copy of some of them can be downloaded below

Lillian Armstrong grand Daughter of a former internee presents the

Mayor Roland Bürkle a gift of thanks.

2015 Views from around Bad Wurzach

Wonderful views around the town of Bad Wurzach